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    winny tabs ??when??

    ok fellas...

    I am currently in my 5 th week of my cycle (week 1-5 dbol @ 25 mgs pink thais & weeks 1-10 of 500mgs of Testoviron ).

    I am going to be gettin 30 tabs of I*P* WInny....

    I was originally thinking of running the tabs one a day for that last four weeks...

    but someone was telling me to start running them (once a day for 4 weeks) after my last shot...

    so which way should i run it? or does anyone have another way to run it that will be more effective...

    I am really just running winny to get rid of some of this bloat I have and to solidify my gains...

    let me know fellas!!


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    Run it from wks 8-12 and start clomid 2 days after last winny dose

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    the question is confusing to me, sorry...if im thinking what you are, (which probably isn't, but oh well), you shouldn' take any time off, just finish out or bridge the end of your cycle with the winny, good luck

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    I'm a little confused myself. If your trying to incorporate into your cycle, run the winny wks 8-12 that way your cycling up until clomid. If possible, try and split doses twice a day. Winny has a short half-life(I believe around 12hrs). That way its in your system for the entire day and it will keep your blood levels more consistant. I take my first dose 30min. prior to lifting with about 8oz. grapefruit juice. The juice aides with absorbtion. Second dose at bedtime. Try and run for 6wks if you can get it in time. You'll be happier with your results. Good luck.

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