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    Question worried!

    I took a dose of suspension in the delt last monday and the S.o.B. still hurts not to mention the swelling. It looks like a damn egg under there and is rock hard. It is getting better though, I was just wondering if anybody else has had the same problems or it might be some bad shit. It looks like the real thing and my guy isn't known for selling bad shit. Just looking for some input.

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    if it is still hard put warm compresses on top 10 mins few times a day. massage it and watch it... may be infected.... does it hurt to the touch...?
    give me more input and i will try to help.

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    more importantly, does it feel hot? if it's red and warm, you have an abcess. if not, just follow medicine man's advice and massage it

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    without seeing and touching its hard to answer but what you describe is very common with suspension. id stick it as deep into your glute as you can and / or also get an injectable painkiller to mix with it.

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    Two things, the warm compress in good idea. But why use the mex shit, get oil base suspenion form you know who, or univet, still a few good bottles of steris suspenion too, which cause 0 pain.

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