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    Test Cyp. question??

    I'll be starting my cut cycle tomorrow. (This will be my second cycle.)
    Wk 1-8 75mg Tren . EOD
    Wk 1-8 50mg Winn. ED
    Wk 1-8 25mg Proviron ED
    Wk 1-8 500mg Test Cyp.
    Wk 11-13 Clomid
    Would it be better to split my cyp. into two injections, 1cc twice a week or just do 2cc's once a week? Will it make a difference as far as test levels? Also, tips that anyone might have that's done this cycle before would be appreciated (diet/training, etc.).
    I know everyone suggests using prop. in this cycle but I couldn't pass up the deal on the cyp. so that's what I have.

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    take 1cc twice a week. i think it keeps the test levels more stable. i love cyp

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