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    General ?'s

    --Is there a spot on this board that gives a complete list of the different half lives of all the different types of gear out there?

    --I have been reading that clen has anti-catabolic properties...if so, would it therefore be beneficial to come off on clen as well as clomid therapy?

    --Is HCG worthless??

    --I have often heard people recommend other tests in place of sustanon . Why is this. Is it because of the long half lives of a couple of the components in Sust because I was always under the impression that the combination of the 4 esters targeted more receptors and therefore had a combined effectiveness better than the same amount of mgs of one type of ester.

    --What else is out there to supplement the effectiveness of clomid in the effort to restart endegenous testosterone production?

    --What in your guys opinions are the cleanest drugs on the market out there right now? I am currently 270 on a 6'5 frame and have just started lifting again after about a 3 year layoff. I would figure my BF to be at about 20% but dropping as we speak. After my first and only year of lifting, I was at about 250lbs and about 9-11% BF when I stop training. My goal is to be about 280-285 and gym hard at about 8-10% BF. I don't think that I will really need that much to get me there I don't consider myself a hardgainer and after about one week back in the gym a bunch of my strength is returning already. I am currently 26 yrs old too.

    --Would you guys recommend doing any cardio...even very light cardio...while on cycle?

    --I had never been able to overtrain even when doing 2 a days with different training partners...I would just run out of energy. It was never a case of me getting overly sore or anything. Are two a days a possibility when in cylce?

    --Would a first time cylcer benefit at all from front-loading in order to get my blood test levels stable and up fast or would that be over kill?

    --If I did a cycle of Sust and Deca switching to primo, winny, and a fast acting test during the last 3-4 weeks, would that allow me to start my clomid therapy much sooner?

    It is a bunch of questions, but I appreciate all the feedback in advance.


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    ok i can answer some but not all.........

    clen - this is an ongoing debate on this and other boards, irongame posted looking for studies to verify this, see if you can find that thread.

    sustanon - is a blend of 4 different esters, making the release very unstable, hence giving you a roller coaster effect in terms of release, hard to judge when to start clomid therapy on sustanon. you want a test that releases steadily for best results imho.

    clomid-you could try some tribulus, or chrysin, but i think its a waste, just my .02

    cleanest drugs- anavar , test enanthate and prop. time tested and i rarely hear complaints.

    1st cycle- no dont frontload, your receptors are virgins so any amount you do(within reason) is going to give you some kind of result, use your head and read this board for safe and sane dosages though.

    sorry i cant help with the others bro, my hands are gettin tired.......

    seriously if you need more help drop me an email ok?

    peace bb79

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    Thanks for the reply but I am guessing that a bunch of you guys also have some comment too. Keep the info coming.

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    the half lives of most steroids can be found on the main page of anabolic review

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