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    new here and a week into my first cycle,but id like to offer this advice.................... read everything, ask mods and vets for advice, dont ask for or offer sources openly and read BigAl's"Diary of a First Timer" long story short my girl was anti AAS talked and showed her Als post and she thought if Big Al and his girl can do it then so can we...(tho come on Al you can do your own thigh hehe) well it wasnt THAT easy but it helped alot any way thanks BigAl and look forward to sharing info in the future

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    Bump to all the vets and the Mods because without their help newbies like me would be wandering around beliving everything that was told to them be socalled experts. Thanks again to all the vets u know who you are

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    Mike Guest
    Thanks guys - I also wanna bump for the rest of the mods and NOT to forget the people creating this site - for without them there wouldnt be mods - hey big al - someone really found that useful! How bout that!?

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    Thats cheered me up bro! I'm glad I could help, and welcome to the site.

    I wish you all the best on the rest of your cycle!

    Keep us posted.

    Mt g/f has been pleasantly surprised with my attitude, its all about how you handle yourself. She's been great........I haven't done the thigh since LOL


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