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    saw this on another board. not sure if its true, but a heads up.


    I dont know if any of you are a memeber of but I advise you to stay away from that board. I am convienced it is being monitored by the Feds, or the person that runs the board is working with the Feds.

    Two of my friends got busted and they both did business with someone that runs that board. One was busted when receiving a package from someone that runs that board. Someone that runs that board was busted about a year ago with 25k worht of gear and 75k worth of cash and didn't do one bit of time for it.

    I wish I had more proof, but this is all I have to go on and that is all I need personally.

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    What board did you see this on? Also, was any reference made to the person who was busted (as in who it was)?

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