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    t3 25mcg 2-3 times a week with no roids?

    I am gonna take a eca stack and take t3 2-3 times a week at 25mcg without roids, is this ok ? maybe 2 times max a week only 25mcg and i will only do this for 3 weeks or so. thats not very much but i like t3. let me know what you roid munkys think.

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    T3 is extremely catabolic on its own. Running it sporadically like that is a bad idea alone, running it without any AS is going to cause muscle wasting even at the low dosage of 25mcg.

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    You dont have enough for a cycle of t3.

    before you do anything else, read this thread. Lots of great info here

    T3 can be taken safely and without muscle loss but you dont just start taking it. Plan it out and really spend some time on it.

    Nothing in our lifestyle is "pop as many as you want" its very important we all be careful. even one member getting messed up is too much!

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    I agree with the bro's above stick to an ECA/Clen stack with lots of cardio.

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