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    More insulin questions

    I know Im being a pain in the ass with all these insulin questions but everyone says educate yourself before starting. So thats what Im doing. Alright there's like 50000 different types of humilin, humilin r, humilin 50/50, humilin 70/30, etc. Which one should I go with? Also if there are 100IUs/ml that means you'll only be injecting a 1/10 of a ml? Thanks guys.

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    The Iron Game Guest
    go to the hot topics section and read up the insulin posts there.

    humalog then humulin r are the two you will consider using, my preference is with humalog as I know im in the safe region much quicker

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    Jesus, that stuff sounds scary.

    One fuck up and your really fucked up.

    Thank god for mods/vets to keep us up to date

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    So once week one is over(for first time users), your cycle of insulin is done? And for how long?

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    No, not once week one is over, once you get up to 10ius, keep it there for the rest of the cycle which can be any amount of time but defintely preferable to keep it under 6 weeks and spend as much if not more time off than on.

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    great info JJ...

    you obviously know you're shit...

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    Back from Hell
    Nice slin post

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