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    Question what will I need or am I ok?

    I know this is just asking to be flamed but I have my reasons for doing this..I want to do a dbol only cycle similar to the one done by KAZ 30mg dbol a day all done b4 12pm each day. This will be done for 4 weeks...Now first will I need clomid, second do I need an anti E. I'll be using milk thistle but would like some advice on how much to take and will I need something to help me from holding water or will I be ok. Also I would like to know what I will feel like well on it any difference I have heard dry mouth but anything else that you could tell me....Here is the link to KAZ's post

    thnks guyz

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    Have you tried e-mailing KAZ?


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    HELL - I got the last col
    email Kaz first off...he would know better than anyone.

    Second not a flame just a question...why only dbol ? are you trying to test a theory out?

    And when i took dbol, i found i spent longer in the gym due to the pumps...i didnt want to leave becaus i was having such a good workout. Also make sure you drink TONS of water, I made that mistake and my body got bloated from NOT having it. Dry mouth was a bitch on dbol.

    Other than that, you will notice great pumps and if you are taking the milk thistle you should be fine with your liver.



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    Is Kaz still around? I haven't seen him here for some time.

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