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    Newbie Question.......

    Hey guys!!!

    I'm Trying to get into this, but i need a bit more info........ what would be best for a 6'0 180 pound guy? and how much do ya thinkit will cost in the long run??


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    You need to give us some stats and goals, bro. How long have you been training, age, BF%, y' know things like that.

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    Make sure you research, research, research. This site is great for doing so. Determine your goals, read the AS profiles, and look at the black market prices to get an approximate cost. Perhaps more importantly, though, spend ample amounts of time on these message boards. I cannot tell you how valuable my time here has been. Your fellow bros are really supportive and have experienced all the things your going through as a newbie. Most of the questions that you'll come across can be answered simply by reading through previous posts. Best of luck on your journey...

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