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Thread: Female cycle

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    Female cycle

    Is good for fit-competitor
    0-4 Win 6-cpr ED
    0-4 25 mg Proviron
    0-4 10 mg Nolvadex
    0-2 Clenbuterol (20 to a 80 ED)
    3-4 T3 20 mcg ED?

    And in Recovery...Clomid??

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    No reason for a woman to take clomid unless she is trying to get pregnant. I probably wouldn't mess with Nolvadex either (although the women on this board can help you better than I can). I think most women on this board prefer primo and anavar as the drugs of choice although I know several do use winny. If I was you I would sign up on the women's forum and you can get better answers to this question.

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    Clomid is great......if you want quintuplets.

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