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    Consequences of being busted domestic and overseas

    Ok I heard if your busted domestic they (cops, DEA, etc.) will pay you a visit, but if your busted overseas customs will just send you a letter. Is this true? I know they could pay you a visit either way but which would be less likely of a visit. and which do you think is safer domestic or overseas I've seen a lot of different opinions on this. Thanks for any opinions.

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    It's because international goes through customs. Customs has nothing to do with the DEA, FBI, or any of those FUN guys.... . Plus they got so much other shit to deal with, they usually just let it pass. Plus, who's to say that you don't have a prescription for it...That's why the send the letter, asking if youy have a prescription. Domestic , such as USPS, or UPS is so close to you, that they can turn it over to the local cops or feds that want to make the "headlines", so they think of some sneaky way into making you accept it, then SLAM!....

    You're taking a risk either way, and with the anthrax and bomb threats going on, both are high risk...

    Good luck.

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