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    need help fast anti's

    I am about to start my third cycle:
    test250- 1-12 week
    EQ 200- 1-14week
    d-bol30mg- 1-5week
    clomid - 17-20week

    I have taken a d-bol cycle before and no problems with gyno, but i was woundering what everyone thought. Should iI get some proviron or nolv. I can get proviron for ten tabs for $12 or 100 tabs of nolv. for $48. please give me feed-back. I am worried about gyno very bad. which should i take and when in the cycle should it be started.

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    Get some just in case. Never know what could happen.

    You could always start off taking it throughout the whole cycle if you wanted to, but it might hinder your gains. Or you can just start it when the first symptoms occur (ie. itchy nipples). As for the dosages on this, well, I'll bump this for you so other's can reply....

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    As soon as symptoms appear, load up with Nolvadex 40mg/ed until symptoms disapear and continue with a 10 or 20mg/ed for the rest of cycle. My $.02

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    Doses look low for a 3rd cycle, only 250mg/wk test and 200mg/wk EQ? I'd bump them to 500/400 respectively. Also, if you can afford it, run proviron til you are done EQ @ 50mg/day, it will lower SHBG levels resulting in greater gains.

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