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    Early age juice questions

    I know this happens a lot but i have serious questions and take all responses very seriously. im not about 2 run out and juice to get chix and be cool n shit. i work out 6 days a week and i have been working out for 3 years. i was going to wait till i turn 17 next november 2 juice and was questioning whether it is really that dangerous and i am willing to take every single precaution. I am currently 200 pounds 6'1. i bench 315, curl 160, squat 550, hang clean 225, and military press 225(those are all my maxs). if most say i should wait until i am around 23 i respect that and will wait because i dont have any experience with horomone precursors. i take about 1.5 grams a <a href="" target="_blank">protein</a> a day and run 2 miles on my off day which is sunday. i am in top shape but would like to compete when i am older. i just turned 16 this past november and i do want the upper hand on the football field. i am not willing to risk losing my hair or dieing at the age of thirty. if you cant tell my health teacher has scared the shit out of me with his side effects slide shows. all responses are greatly appreciated. thank you for your time and information.

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    You risk the chances of damaging your fragile endocrine system by juicing at the age of 17. If you are 6'1, 200lbs at 16 pushing that kind of weight, you have been gifted with amazing genetics and I hope you wait til you are at least in your 20's before juicing. You definitely have the genetics to make a mark as a competitor, wait it out and do it right. JMO.

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    nj said it all.You're stats are great,you're already pushing more weight than most of the guys in my need to keep training hard like you've been doing and maybe take something like creatine and glutamine for now.Don't go to juice until you've met your max,where it's like nothing you do can make you stronger or make you grow more.I was 28 when I reached that point and I have no regrets on waiting.Keep up your hard work and be safe bro!!

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    You run the risk of stopping your growth. You're not as big as you're going to get - unless you juice - then you are. You should - if you don't juice - get alot thicker in the coming years. I stopped getting taller at about 16 but I got wider for a few years and then thicker for a few years. You want to let your body grow awhile longer.

    At your age your testosterone levels are very high. Use it to your advantage. The earlier you start de-sensitizing your body to steroids the less you'll get from them in the long run.

    Burning up your bodies ability to gain from steroids at your age is like going on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" and using up your life lines on the first 3 questions even though you know the answers.

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