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    no glue in finna

    I read this and was wondering if any of you think that it is true?

    A: The idea that Finaplix (or Component TH) pellets contain talc and/or glue used to "hold the pellets together" was started by the late Dan Duchaine. Dan didn't possess any real knowledge about pharmaceutical compounding so he guessed that something was needed to hold the pellets together and that "something" was talc and glue.

    He never defined exactly what "glue" was either. I mean, are we talking about the remains of Mr. Ed here or are we talking about Krazy Glue? These ideas, despite being erroneous, soon spread like gospel in the underground world. However, it's untrue, a total fabrication, and utter bullshit because Finaplix and Component TH contain neither talc nor liquefied Mr. Ed residue!

    Both of these types of anabolic pellets contain yellow dye #5, methyl-cellulose (MC) and trenbolone acetate. That's all, folks! The pellets are compressed under extreme pressure (as are most pellets and tablets) and no "glue" is used, other than the extreme pressure. None of the kits on the market remove the yellow dye and one could argue that the other guy's kit does remove the MC and mine does not (MC is what causes the "gooey residue" in the other kit).

    However, MC is essentially harmless. Don't believe me? MC is used as a surfactant in Testosterone suspension and Winstrol -V. It keeps your stanozolol and Testosterone from clumping up and sticking to the insides of the bottle. Now I know someone is going to start an argument with me here and post all over the place that I'm wrong and that I'm only saying the pellets don't contain talc or glue because my kit sucks and won't remove that stuff. So, here's the telephone number for the company that makes one of the pellets: 800-247-4838 and you can call between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST and verify my claim if you like

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    Your quote is entirely accurate.

    Trenbolone acetate, methyl cellulose, dye. That's it.

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    Good post brother - I actually think what some people are talking bout when they speak of the "glue" is in the DMSO...silly....

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    im not sure that i believe all that brock strasser feeds me (specially since he has his own kit set) but i didnt see any "glue" the one time i did a conversion but without question "something" was left in the filter. now what that was i dont know but it also changed color once i got it out so make up ur own mind.

    for more info go to the "cult of fina"

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