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    Question when to start winstrol.

    after an 8 week cycle of t4/decca300/sus250 , then using hcg /clomid/novadex after, am i able to start a winstrol cycle right after since its water base or do i have to wait months like a regular cycle?

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    example ,if ur runnin ur cycle 1-10 weeks run the winny 8-13 and start clomid right away maft6er last shot .

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    our friend big N has it right....Madmax

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    From your question is sounds like you've already finished your cycle, and now want to start a new one of just Winny? If that's the case, no, you shouldn't do that, cuz you still need the Clomid and it will shut your nat. test. down, so it's just like a normal cycle.

    But if you haven't done your other cycle yet, then mix them together. Like they said, from weeks 8-13 or so should be good. Or if you're gonna run an 8 week cycle, then from 6-10 or 7-11.

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