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    Specific Circumstance - Should I become Jack Lalanne or not?

    I apologize in advance if the bold is obnoxious but I thought Iíd highlight for those who are willing to give a quick response based on a shorter post.


    Iíll get the bloodwork done to better gauge the situation but hereís why I found myself posting:

    -22, 6í, 140lb
    -Little facial hair, higher than average pitch, little body hair, very thin.
    -Relatively low sex drive for twenty two.
    -Fatigue. I can be tired by 5p with eight hours sleep.
    -Don't have excellent concentration/withdrawn. This I'm guessing is at least partly seasonal.

    Iím not looking to get jacked. Itís more an all around thing rather than just strength or just aesthetics. How do low-dose cycles usually work out? I can handle fat with weight gain but Iíd really, really like to avoid gynocomastia, liver damage, horrible acne, baldness, damaging blood pressure increases.. you know what I mean.
    Is there a high correlation between dose and side effects or is it more exponential eg. the higher the dose, the much higher the side effects?

    What Iím hoping someone can answer is whether it sounds like Iím behind on the timeline or if I skipped an important portion. As far as height, weight, secondary sex characteristics, etc. go, things have happened later for me than most people-

    -before you think Iíve answered my own question, I stopped growing a few years ago. I mean Iím twenty two and I havenít gained a stable pound in three years. But I'm six feet. I think my body is/has stabilized - natural spikes are probably unlikely, right?

    I know diet is important. I was going to school for nutrition before I switched majors. (I just need to make money, thatís all. Iíll go back to finish the nutrition degree.) Even with the right amount of protein and an enormous amount of calories (I tried to maintain 4,000/day for a while to prove a point) I gain little. On those 4,000 I think I got two pounds in a month and a half. It was just because my stomach was always full.

    Honestly, Iím sure you can tell Iím trying to make a point for rather than against but to be fair, I have exceptionally low body fat. I have a higher-end scale that measures it and Iím consistently between 2.5-4%. For reference Iíve had others use it and hit anywhere from 10-36%.
    In November I had the flu and since my stomach still hasnít settled completely so my exercise has been limited and my diet has been a little less regimented. Any supplements are a ways off, once Iím back to the regular schedule for a while. For the hell of it, I just weighed in now:


    Finally, how useful would the standard (prescription) testosterone patch/gel be? Iím guessing my bloodwork is gonna come back in the low range but not low enough for a prescription. If I intentionally tried to lower my testosterone for those tests to get a prescription, would that be something that would make sense, given my intentions?

    Thanks guys Ė I appreciate you reading this far, any advice will be great.

    Oh a quick question Ė I read about the normal ranges for different forms of testosterone but does anyone know around what range is ideal when youíre on?


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    You need to get blood work if you're that concerned, and don't try to fudge the results by lowering your own test, that's just silly.

    I'll get to your other questions in a second, but humor me if you will, and write out your 4k cal a day diet, please....

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    Go to a doc and get your test levels checked. If you have low test, try to get on HRT. Otherwise, quit being a pansy and get bigger naturally, then worry about AAS in a few years.

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    Well, if you are taking in 4k each day, I would question what it is comprised of.

    If your natty test comes back normal, then you need to see a endocrinologist.

    Blood work tells all.



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    Thanks for all the fast replies.

    @fudging results: I would only do it if one or two tests came back low eg. 300's, I'd intentionally lower the remaining tests to get the prescription I need. Just because it's healthy to be as low as 200n/dl doesn't mean it doesn't detract from quality of life. They have crazy malpractice insurance for a reason, can't blame them but I'm gonna get what I need.

    @diet: It was written on paper; I don't have it anymore. I know I aimed for two times my weight in grams of protein. Ended up drinking a lot of shakes which I realize are lesser quality/complete. Still plenty of fish, chicken, turkey and egg whites. Lots of milk.

    This explanation is useless but I tried to get in enough fiber where I didn't feel like dying and minimized saturated fat. Multi's, fish oil, ZMA. Fruit, vegetables. No gimmicks.

    I think it's ridiculous to eat 4k/day anyway - if I'm up to 4k/day there is obviously some component missing, it's not just the diet.

    I got, tops, 1k in protein so of course I needed a lot of fat to make those calories. And tons of rice, pasta, bread. Even made my own weight gainer (dextrose, maltodextrin, creatine, protein).

    (I was on creatine already when I started the 4k test. That's why I didn' gain a ridiculous amount)

    @TITANIUM: The 4k diet was for a limited time. I couldn't sustain that; I did nothing but eat and sleep.

    edit: I just calculated my BMR to be sure. Short of 1700. If it's not diet, it's not exercise, what am I missing aside from the hormones to make those two come together?
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    I think your first order of business is to go see a doc, and thenyou will ba able to gauge everything off your blood work..Your diet does sound someone legit, I mean it sounded like you were eating the right thin\gs..Other than that, Im not quite too sure what else should be done to help you out until after you see a doc man.. best of luck

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