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    Smile next cycle need advice

    deca 300mg week 1-4
    test.enanthate 750mg week 1-7
    d-bol 50mg week 1-4, 40mg week 5, 30mg week 6
    primo tab 150mg week 6-8
    winny tab 30mg week 6-8
    HCG 5000IU week 3,8,9
    clomid 50mg 3tab 1st day of week 7, 1tab 2-7 of week 7

    176.5cm 105kg body fat 20% 22yrs old

    please give me comment

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    I'm guessing this is your first cycle? If so you don't need 750mg/wk of test. 500 is plenty (for a first cycle you could get away with 100mg/EOD = 350mg/wk). 4 weeks deca is too short. It takes 3-4 weeks to reach full strength. Minimum of 8 weeks on those esters. You're wasting it if you only take 4 weeks worth. You're better off running the primo/win after the test/deca. Let me recommend this:

    wk 1-8 deca 350mg/wk (100mg EOD)
    wk 1-8 enan 500mg/wk
    wk 1-4,5,6 d-bol 50,40,30 mg/day
    wk 11-13 primo tabs 150mg/day
    wk 11-13 win 30mg/day
    clomid weeks 14-16

    You won't get bigger nor stronger on the primo/winnie but you'll harden up and if you cut the calories back you can burn some fat off too. That is a good first cycle!

    Good luck bro

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    heres my reccomendation...hope it helps....Madmax

    test 500mg (1-10)
    deca 300mg (1-10)
    d-bol 30mg (1-4) " no need to pyramid dose straight through"
    winny 50mg ed (8-13) - thats going to be alot of pills...
    clomid post cycle 150mg/100mg/50mg
    nolvadex on hand...

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