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    Does T3 give amazing results as testosterone when compared to supplements?


    If you compare testosterone with legal supplements that promise muscles, you can defenitely conclude that testosterone is much much more effective.

    But now, if you compate T3 with a fatburner on the market, can you conclude the same? For example, is T3 much more effective than xenedrine or hydroxycut?

    Thank you, I am trying to decide if I will add T3 in my upcoming cutting cycle.

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    in my experience fat burners are merely called "fat burners" they do not burn fat of any sort, t3 on the other hand will help to speed up the metabolism via the thyroid therefore having the effect of burning fat providing calorie intake/training is right along with aas use you wont lose to much muscle. I do use fat burners but see them as just a boost for training when my carbs are low and a head fuck lol


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