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Thread: new cycle

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    new cycle

    i have tt enath. (30ccs) and 150 d-bol. how much should i take? i was going to start with 200mgs of enath. every 4 days, and 3 d-bol a day (15mgs daily). is this to much are not enough.

    i have done this cycle before and got good results.( used t-200 in this cycle) i weigh about 150lbs, 5ft 10in tall. i would like to get to about 175lbs.

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    I'd run the enanthate at 400mg/wk for 10 weeks. Run the d-bol at 5 tabs a day for 30 days.

    What did you get off the last cycle? How long ago was it?

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    if you want to get to 175 i'd throw in deca 300mg per week that will help...other than that hammer head has it correct...Madmax..

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