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    Safe to take acne meds while cycling clen?

    Acne has been getting real bad, dermatologist recommended me Minocycyline tablets. Not sure dosing per day. Would it be a bad idea to use these while on Clen ? I'm almost finished with a 2 week cycle, but id like to run it again within the next month. But it would be stupid to take my acne meds then get off them to take clen.

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    No your fine taking them together, but ask your dermatologist why he/she gave you an antibiotic? I know they are commonly prescribed to acne sufferers, as i have been, and i know from experience and from talks with dermatologists (my family has 3 dermatologists in it) that they are usually useless and dont do much. Accutane is almost always later prescribed, and has shown to be very effective, and yes that to is fine to take on cycle.

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