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    Need Help With Third Cycle

    My third cycle will last ten weeks. I will run EQ and TEST ENANTHATE . I'm thinking of running 300mg of EQ and 500mg of the TEST.

    My goals are to gain lean mass without force feeding large amounts of calories like I did my first cycle. My protein will be 300 grams per day.
    My diet will consist of no more than 200 carbs per day.

    I will work out on a two days on two day off program unlike my first cycle which consisted of a three on one off type program. The total number of sets will be six perbodypart per workout. Thats a total of twelve sets a week.

    Please critique my plans! THANKS GUYS!

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    I would run it for 12 weeks. Any more I will not run Eq for less then 12. With 15 weeks being the ideal. Also I think u should bump the dose up to 400mgs per week. Test E dose looks good.
    Maybe even add some Winny to the mix....

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    what are your previous doses on your first cycles. baraso is right, the longer the eq the better. not so long as you start making it become as common as waking up in the morning.

    run both for 12 500t/400-600eq. that is assuming you have taking 'average' beginners doses. GL

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