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    Question to the knowledgeable: is this safe?

    I have read alot of threads lately about hcg , fina, gyno, and proviron . Well, here is my current cycle, this is my first relatively high dosage cycle.
    week 1-4 50mg prop every two days
    week1-12 600mg test enath.
    week 12-18 50mg winnie depot EOD
    week 12-18 75mg fina EOD

    the questionable part:
    week 9-10 hcg
    week 19-20 hcg
    week 8-20 25mg proviron ED
    week 19-21 clomid therapy

    Does all of that sound more or less right on?
    Will the hcg cause fina sides to worsen (aka lactation, gyo)?
    Does winstrol supress nat. test production enough to need the hcg in week 19-20?

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    Cycle looks good. You can run it alittle different but the way you're doing it is fine. Dosage looks good also.
    Have nolvedex on hand. You'll need clomid post cycle. And get some Bromo incase u get gyno from the fina...

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