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    need help with d-bol/deca/test cycle info

    hey guys.....i was wondering how much strain would be put on my liver if i did a cycle with test, d-bol, and deca ....with nolvadex following.....or any other bad internal side effects? i appreciate yalls help...i would be taking milk thistle as well and this is only my second cycle


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    17aa steriods are hard on your liver (d-bol) But I believe it's just like any other drug. If you abuse's gonna burn ya.
    As long as your dose's are ok you should be fine provideing you don't have a pre exsisting condition.
    Something like this should work for u:

    Weeks 1-4 d-bol 35mgs
    Weeks 1-10 Test 500mgs
    Weeks 1-10 Deca 400mgs
    Nov on hand

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