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    hgh dose

    Hey guys, I would like so advise. I am about to take my fifth cycle test/Eq/d-bol/clen /nolva/clomid. But I also wanted to add to some HGH. There is guy a my gym that is huge and told me that the dose he takes is 4iu's on monday, wed, and fri. He does this for a month and takes a month off. Does anyone think you can get good gains from that added in with my cycle. I also have a Mild heart murmor do you think that will affect anything? any advise is welcomed.thanks.

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    yah, suff works great with anabolics, but works even better with slin, the big hype lately is that its better for older people and you're better off with just anabolics if your younger (especially when considering price and the chance of getting a legitimate product), personally the fat loss properties, and the many health benefits of the compound attract me to it, but you can get that from a multivitamin pack and a good diet, eheh...just my .02$

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    As for one month on/one month off, I've heard best results start happening after 10 weeks, and it's best to run 3 months minimum. The longer the better with this stuff. Can be quite expensive as dj mentioned, but if you got the money, I'd go for it.

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