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Thread: My Cycle

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    My Cycle

    Test E- 500mg (sat) 1-14 Weeks
    Test P- 100mg ED 1-6/8 Weeks
    Tren A- 75mg ED 2-9 Weeks
    Dbol - 25-50mg ED 1-4 Weeks

    Yep thats the cycle im on right now, been in for a week (just started tren yesterday) but im up 10 lbs, i think most of its water weight and my diet, but hey im glad im gaining! strength is goin up quite well also!

    Any comments? Questions?

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    Age: ?
    Height: ?
    Weight: ?
    BF%: ?
    Cycle Exp: ?
    PCT Knowledge: ?
    Training Exp: ?
    Diet: ?

    a lot of compounds.

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    why run dbol if ur running prop?

    dont really like the cycle regardless of stats...

    best of luck.

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