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    week deca test dbol hcg clomid prov
    1 100 250 10 0
    2 100 250 15 0
    3 200 500 15 2000
    4 200 500 15 2000
    5 200 500 15 2000
    6 200 500 10 2000
    7 200 500 0 2000
    8 200 500 0 2000
    9 100 250 0 2000
    10 100 250 0 2000

    hey guys am thinking of doing this cycle as a summer cycle what do u think?? is it right to take hcg this way? and how and when to take clomide and proviron ? should i include nolvA? is it good doses?

    all the help is appreciated thanks guys i would like to hear all your opinions.
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    you need to do some more research bro and as stated in another posting stop stating you have AS knowledge cos it's obvious you don't have enough

    you do not normally take hcg for 8 weeks. you could take a course of three injections midway through your cycle to help prevent testicular hypertrophy then another 3 at the end. or just take a course of three at the end a week before your clomid.

    Oh and watch out for gyno while on hcg.
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    The way you typed your cycle is a lil confusing to read..But here is a cycle that might work better for you.
    Test 1-10 400mg
    Deca 1-10 300mg
    Im guessing this is your first cycle so I would hold off on the Dbol ...But here are some questions for you. What are your goals? Why use these two aas?
    Hope this helps.

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    no flame here but most of your post have been threads you need to do some research before you post a new thread...theres alot of reasons this cycles bad...Madmax

    1. you don't need to pyramid the deca or sust
    2. to low of doses on the deca try 300mg through out entire cycle
    3. yopu'll have to split the sust up into 3 shots a week to maximize prop
    4. hcg shouldn't be that long at that high of will be less effective if you do..
    5. to low of odes on the d-bol..dont pyramid it either
    6. what are you running the proviron at..
    7. do more research and get back with us...

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    ok i will thanks all

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