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    My cutting cycle log

    Blue Diamond Tren 75mg/ED weeks 1-10
    Blue Diamond Test Prop 100mg/ED weeks 1-10
    QV EQ 600mg/week weeks 1-10
    Armidex 0.5mg/ED weeks 1-2
    Proviron 50mg/ED weeks 3-10
    Clen 333444555666555444333 tabs/ED weeks 3-5 & 8-10
    T-3 111222333444333222111 tabs/ED weeks 3-5 & 8-10
    ECA weeks 1-2, 6-7 & 11-16

    Post Therapy:

    Vitamins: Multi, C, E, ALA, Calcium, Potasium, Magnesium, and Beta Caratin

    Quads 23G x 1.5”
    Delts 25G x 1”
    Draw: started off with 18G x 1.5”, but found it too big. Left a very large hole in the vial, so I switch to 22G x 1.5”

    Keto starting at 13 cals/scale and working may down to 10 cals/scale weight based on LBM.

    Sample M-F diet:
    Food Description: Fat/Carb/Protien
    Optimum Whey Protein (1 scoop): 2/2/22
    Flax Seed Oil (2 tlbs): 26/0/0

    Flax Seed Oil (2 tlbs): 26/0/0
    Oatmeal: 2/19/4
    Optimum Whey Protein (1 scoop): 2/2/22

    Hamburger (.33lbs): 23/0/30

    Hamburger (.33lbs): 23/0/30

    Hamburger (.33lbs): 23/0/30

    Salad: 39/21/9

    Steak (4oz): 8/0/23

    Steak (4oz): 8/0/23

    Designer Protein: 3/4/35
    Flax Seed Oil (1 tlbs): 13/0/0

    Sample Carbo Load Day:
    Pancakes (3): 7.5/93/15
    Optimum Whey Protein (2 scoops): 4/4/44
    Mrs Butter Worth (1/2C): 0/50/0

    Optimum Whey Protein (2 scoops): 4/4/44

    OJ (16oz): 0/54/0

    Pancakes (3): 7.5/93/15
    Optimum Whey Protein (2 scoops): 4/4/44
    Mrs Butter Worth (1/2C): 0/50/0

    Hamburger (.33lbs): 23/0/30
    Wheat Bread (2pcs): 2/36/8

    Baja Fresh Burrito: 6/66.9/45.6
    Chips: 12/38/4

    Chips: 12/38/4

    Pancakes (2): 5/63/10
    Optimum Whey Protein (2 scoops): 4/4/44
    Mrs Butter Worth (1/4C): 0/25/0

    4 days per week. No cardio at first until my fat loss starts to level off.

    Figuring body fat: I did the water dunk to get my opening body fat percentage and then I compared it to a formula by Dr Squat and they are within 0.1% points. The formula is:
    1. Scale weight times 1.082
    2. Add 94.42 to the number above
    3. Waist measurement times 4.15
    4. Subtract the number is step 3 from the number from step 2
    5. Subtract the number in step 4 from your scale weight
    6. Multiply the number in step 5 times 100
    7. Divide the number in step 6 by scale weight to obtain your body fat percentage

    Example if scale weight is 205 with a waist of 35 inches
    1. 1.082 x 205 = 221.81
    2. 221.81 + 94.42 = 316.23
    3. 35 x 4.15 = 145.25
    4. 316.23 – 145.25 = 170.98
    5. 205 – 170.98 = 34.02
    6. 34.02 x 100 = 3,402
    7. 3,402 divided by 205 = 16.59% body fat

    Beginning stats:
    Scale weight: 254
    LBM: 182.12
    Percentage body fat: 28.71
    Waist: 41.75”
    Bench max: 200lbs

    Summary: This is my second cycle and I allowed my body fat to increase during the holidays. I know I should diet down some first, but I want to preserve as much muscle as I can. My goal is to increase my LBM while lowering my body fat. I know this is very hard, but I am going to give it a try.

    End of week 1: First few days were tough adjusting to the Keto diet. I have done one before and last time it took me 10 days to adjust. Did my first delt shot and applied electric massager for 10 minutes and I had no pain. After 3 days have not had an increase in strength that usually goes with Tren. By the 6th day my strength has started to increase. Bench press is now 6 x 190 (was 6 x 180). Blood pressure (BP) and body temp were normal all week.

    Scale weight: 256 (+2.0 lbs overall)
    LBM: 186.25 (+4.13 lbs overall)
    Percentage body fat: 27.21 (-1.5 % points overall)
    Waist: 41.25” (-0.5” overall)

    End of week 2: BP and body temp remain normal all week. For some reason my right delt shot on Friday hurt the next day. This had not happened before. It even hurt to raise my arm in a DB lateral raise way. Going to the gym anyway and it is chest and bi’s day. I still have an issue with my sinuses, but I am not going to let this stop me. Once again this week my scale weight increased, my body fat decreased, and my bi’s even increased 0.25”, so I am not going to adjust my calories/scale weight (staying @ 12). I start Clen and T-3 next week, so I want to see what affect it has before I make any adjust to my diet.

    Scale weight: 256.5 (+2.5 lbs overall)
    LBM: 188.06 (+5.94 lbs overall)
    Percentage body fat: 26.88 (-1.83 % points overall)
    Waist: 41.00” (-0.75” overall)

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    End of Week 3 Summary

    Since I started the Clen , T-3, and Proviron this week I knew watching my BP and body temp would be very important. The first few days on Clen I did notice the shakes a bit, but nothing really bad. By the forth day hardly any shakes at all. Plus, I have not been sweating a lot like I have read I would. My body temp is up about one degree. BP after four days is still good. Well by Friday I guess the increased dosage of Clen has caused the shakes to come back, and worse than when I first started taking it. It is nothing unbearable. I have also notice an increased stuffiness with this increase dosage of Clen. I go a small red bump (size of a quarter) where I did my last delt injection. It went away in about 36 hours. I think it was from moving the pen and not bad gear. On Friday my BP shot-up (139/83). Prior it has been 120/80 or under. I will keep a very close look on it. After the first week of Clen & T-3 I am very disappointed in my results for the week. I had better results with just using the ECA. I am making a change in my diet: dropping cals/day from 12 to 11 times scale weight.

    Scale weight: 254.5 (+0.5 lbs overall)
    LBM: 187.04 (+4.92 lbs overall)
    Percentage body fat: 26.51 (-2.2 % points overall)
    Waist: 39.875” (-0.875” overall)

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    tweaking diet

    you might want to tweak your diet a little...when i am trying to lose some weight while maintaining mass a nice juicy burger is good every now and again, but i found that by replacing it with boca burgers (yeah they taste like shit) that i dropped the pounds and still had the benefits of protein [one boca burger has about 16g protein]. you should also look at the rest of your diet because it seems to me that adding in some carbo load days might be counterbeneficial...just some thoughts

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    Why did this thread stop? Did you quit?

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    i am with sigrabbit. what happened?

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