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    To Sust or not to Sust?

    I'm almost at the end of week two of the following (fairly short) bulking cycle:

    Week 0 - 1 20mg dian per day, 200mg deca per week
    Week 2 - 5 30mg dian per day
    Week 2 - 8 400mg deca per week

    I've got access to Sust. Should I throw some in there? How much for how long?

    For your info. I'm 6'2", 200lbs, 12% bf and a hard gainer and I'm looking to put on as much as poss. over the next two months. I've got hcg , nolva and clomid at the ready too.
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    Nope, not unless you plan on extending your cycle another 10 weeks. Wait until your next cycle.

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