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Thread: Blood in semen

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    Unhappy Blood in semen

    Very strange and has never happened before..........

    I noticed that I have blood in my semen and am naturally scared as to why.

    For the past 8 weeks I have been taking 200 mg of Prima's and Test once a week. With no problems. 6 weeks into my cycle I started taking 120 mg of Clen and an ECA stack. 2-3 days into that cycle I noticed blood in my semen but NOT my urine. I did a search on WebMD and they attributed blood in the semen due to high blood pressure. I am at the end of my first week OFF of Clen, but the blood is still there. I will be doing a 2 week on and 2 week off cycle of Clen.

    Has anyone had this side effect from any ECA or AS cycles? I don't think I have to say that I am worried!!!!!!!!!!
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    Bro, go see your doctor on monday! Dont take any chances, better to be safe than sorry! Hope everything is ok


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    Hell ya, go see a doc, better to be safe. Remember to tell your doctor what you are taking, it is better to get his speach on saftey and have him properly diagnose you.


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    Originally posted by Disposable_Hero
    Bro, go see your doctor on monday! Dont take any chances, better to be safe than sorry! Hope everything is ok

    I agree with D_H: IMMEDIATELY go to the doctor. Anything like this, which is definitely not normal, should be checked by your doctor. It's great that you took time to read articles on the internet about blood in semen. But, you're not a doctor, and you should not try to diagnose yourself. This may be a result of high blood pressure AND/OR something else.

    I wish you the best--I hope it works out easily for you.

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    Hematospermia (blood in semen) is usually a very benign, self-resolving problem. One of the causes for blood in semen is uncontrolled hypertension, which will be something you will want to investigate thoroughly given your medical history. The other possible causes are non-specific inflammation of the urethra, prostate, and/or seminal vesicles. There could also be more serious, but less likely, causes for blood in semen, and your urologist would be able to rule these out. A complete work-up would include a thorough physical exam, blood tests (PSA, etc.), and urine cytology. Some of the symptoms you have described would suggest possible prostatitis, which could cause blood in semen.

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    Hey bro definitely get it checked by a DOC as everyone is saying. But dont worry about it too much it might just be a swelled up prostate . I had that at 19 yrs old (blood in my piss and semen) .

    After 2 months of testing and tubes up my weewee and fingers up my ass the tests all came out ok .It was only enflamed prostate and was back to normal.(i was not on AS or anything else)

    I am now 31 and have never had any more problems (knock on wood).

    Good luck and keep us posted bro

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