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    rookie need help

    look iam 22 years old i have took 6 shots of ganabol and 10 shots of test 200 before any of this i was weighting 125 and i ended up weighting 138 i have lost 3 pounds senses. I rund out of the test 200 witch was about 3 weeks ago.And i also havent took any cloming at all.

    now this is what i am thinking of doing.....

    i wanna take deca 200 and stack it with70 pills of dianabol .what do u people think i should do.

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    I think you shoule stop with the shitty cycles. Dont buy anymore gear till you know what you are doing. And build a bigger base then you have before you start! 125 is WAY to light IMO inless you are one of the little people. (Like a midgit)

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    Big Guns is a VET, look under his name. It means he has been in the game for a while. If you are advised by someone with this title, you can bet that it is the truth. You're other thread had the same kind of replies. It won't change. You just need to listen.

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