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    routine question

    Does anyone have some input on working one body part a day. I will be cycling 50mg winny tabs with T-3. Any input would be appreciated.

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    What are your goals? What are your stats? Height, weight, age, etc...

    How many 50mg winny tabs? What are you trying to accomplish, size, strength, cuts?

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    heres my routine bro, i do one body part a week ; Big kevs routine

    Day 1-chest
    Flat barbell bench press-4 sets, 2-5-8-10 reps
    Incline dumbbell press-4 sets, 6-8-12-12 reps
    Pec deck-3 sets, 10-16 reps
    Incline machine press-3 sets, 8-12 reps
    Cable crossovers-3 sets, 12-20 reps

    Day 2-back

    Bent barbell rows-4 sets, 6-8-10-12 reps
    Hammer strength pulldowns-4 sets, 8-10-12-12 reps
    Low pulley rows-4 sets, 10-12-12-15 reps
    Pulldowns with narrow v-bar-3 sets, 10-10-12 reps

    Day 3-shoulders

    Barbell shoulder press-4 sets, 4-6-8-10 reps
    Side laterals-4 sets, 8-10-10-12 reps
    Rear delt machine-4 sets, 8-10-10-12 reps
    Shrugs- 4 sets, 12-20, reps
    Side lateral machine-3 sets, 12-15-20 reps

    Day 4-arms(superset tris and bis)

    Straight barbell curl-4 sets, 4-6-8-10 reps
    Scull crushers-4 sets, 4-6-8-10 reps
    Dumbellcurls-3 sets, 8-10-10-12 reps
    Cable pressdowns-3 sets, 8-10-10-12 reps

    Do a set of bis then a set of tris,etc…

    Day 5-legs

    Barbell squat- 5 sets, 2-4-6-8-10 reps
    Leg extentions-4 sets, 8-10-12-12 reps
    Hack squats-4 sets, 8-10-10-12 reps
    Stiffleg deadlifts-4 sets, 8-10-10-12 reps
    Lying leg curls- 4 sets 10-10-12-12 reps
    Seated raises-4 sets, 6-8-10-12 reps
    Standing raises-8-10-12-15 reps

    All sets are to ABSOLUTE MUSCLE FAILURE!!!
    Abs should be done twice a week.
    Eat 3000-4000 calories a day

    Hope this helps. I havnt changed my routine in 10 years and it continues to work, I just increase the weight I use.

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    Hey BK, very similar to my routine, although I just got a question about you're reps. For example;

    Flat barbell bench press-4 sets, 2-5-8-10 reps
    So you start at 2 reps for your first set, or is that you're last? Do you hit warmup sets?

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    i warm up to my first actual set. i did chest today, as always i start with flat bench. i started my warm up with 135 for 3 sets of 6, 10, 10. then 225 for 1 set of 5, then 275 for 2 sets of, 1 ,2. then 315 for 1 set of 1. then 365 for 1 set of 1. then 405 for 1 set of 1. then i did my first actual set at 465 for 1 set of 4 reps. then i worked down as in my routine. i dont count my warm ups as part of my set/rep scheme.

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    I just hopped on the one bp a day train, i like the difference so far, i got the idea from Kev

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