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    how should I..

    I am goin away on spring break in roughly 7 weeks i have 20 cc's of eq, 10 cc's of deca 300, 20 shots of winnys, and 150 clens how should I stack this?
    I want to get as lean and hard asap this is my 3rd cycle currently 5'10 195 10-12% bf
    I don't wanna add sust b/c I get bloated easily was thinking of throwing in 1 bottle of prop but i really don't want to gain size just cut up any suggestions?

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    Do some cardio and clean up your diet.


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    I second the cardio and clean diet suggestion why would you rush a cycle and waste all that good juice just to look good on vacation. Unless you were running a fina/winny/prop cycle I think it's a bad idea especially considering the time it takes for deca or eq to kick in, by then you'll only have what 2 maybe 3 weeks left of your cycle? Save it for when you get back imo and run it when you don't have to be worrying about cramming it in a period of 7 weeks or less.

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    The time frame for deca and eq is too short and since you don't have enough winny for more than about a month an an bit I would say get more winny and use it with clen . Never used clen myself so I can't say whether or not you have enough for 7 weeks.

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