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    bulking on certain roids??

    hey guys
    can you bulk on roids that are mainly used for cutting such as eq, var, primo? is it possible or will your physique look like crap if you try? i know that some roids like primo and var work well on low calorie diets (for cutting). but what kind of results would they produce on high calorie diets (for bulking)? would i just get fat and soft? thanks

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    Yes it could work.

    No, they will increase your nitrogen retention 5-fold. That is an EXPENSIVE cycle you got there though. I mean, for effective doses such as bulking doses...Maybe stick with the basics for bulking and use those as an addition to your bulk cycle...Just a thought.

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    I will always add atleast some eq in all my bulk cycles, just because it makes me hungry all the friggin' time...

    My next one has eq at 200mg wk for just that effect!

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    Just remember....Bulking doesn't mean eating like a pig to get big and fat....Alot confuse this, I see all the time threads like..."Favorite Bulking Food"...Typical responses are as follows...

    1. Whoppers
    2. Big Mac's
    3. Large Pizza Hut Pizza's
    4. I'm sure you get the pic....

    If you eat like this, you really don't need roids to add that required " BULK " Heh heh heh....

    You'll do fine Bro....Eat smart, eat alot, lift like a madman, rest, get huge, then walk by school-yards and scare small children....Simple....*wink*


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