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Thread: Cycle critique

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    Cycle critique

    Could you check this cycle for me?

    Sus300mg/ml 600mg wk 1-7 frontload 900mg
    Test cyp100mg/ml 800mg wk 8 600mg wk9 300mg wk 10
    Reforvit-B25mg/ml 25mg ed wk 1-5
    Equipoise200mg/ml 400mg wk 1-10

    Clomid starting wk12 day1 300mg, day2-11 100mg ed, and day 12-21 50mg ed.

    Thanx for the help

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    I see what you trying to accomplish with the changing of the test,

    But do you know that the EQ's undecylenate ester is almost as long of an ester as in the sust's deca ester, which means to accomplish this cycle in the fashion in which you made it... You'l have to stop the EQ in 8th week

    Looks sweet , none the less

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