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    Eq and Winny to cut down

    Can anyone suggest a cycle to help cut down? Is Eq a good choice even though it stimulates your appetite? Should I add anything else, clen , test? 21, 6 years training, 5'7,11-12% BF, 185lbs. from 160 naturally but put on a little fat. Any help is appreciated, Thanks bros.

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    I would go with Equp. at 600mg per week winnie at 100mg per day and fina at 75mg per day maybe sub fina for premabolan

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    Unhappy pure pure pure

    first it's EQUIP, then EQ(finally,haha), now it's EQUP!!what are we gonna do w/ you?hahaha

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    I like the 600mg week EQ advice. I would suggest holding the winny to 50mg ED. I like 4-7 clen per day and or some utilization of t3. Rotate clen w/ E/C/A every 14-21 days.

    IMO, always have an androgenic component thrown into the mix, even if minimal. and a cutting cycle. This minimizes the risk of inadvertent loss of muscle tissue. I like 250mg susta every 7-10 days, as well w/ this combination.

    good luck my friend


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