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Thread: 22g x 1inch??

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    22g x 1inch??

    Is this adequate for shots in my thigh and arse?

    I have some flab on my kaboose right now, so I don't know if they're going to be long enough.

    Also, does anyone know how long an injection will take with this g and length?

    I have 25g needles right now and it took me around 30mins till' all was said and done. I thought it was a little rediculous.

    Also, how is the post injection pain? I don't care about the pain from pricking myself with the needle as much as I do post injection pain.

    Thanks bros
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    You are only 20 so you should not be using any

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    You are 20 and have flab on your ass? SAD!!!!!

    Stop being lazy, get off the couch into the gym and stay on the treadmill and bike until the flab is GONE...

    Besides being lazy and trying to take the easy way out again you have it wrong and you will be causing more problems than you already have.

    1in is to short especially if you have a fat ass.
    Doing AAS when you are 20 is wrong for many reasons that Im sure you have already been told.
    You are only compounding mistakes. This shows immaturity and lack of reasoning.

    How about changing these things and trying to do it the right way and think about the long term goals and long term heal benefits instead of short term gains that will all be lost and long term complications.

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    no that's not adequate, and I think it's fvcked up that you don't know the answer to this question, shouldn't be on cycle at all, but you advised a 21 year old who is 5'10" and 125lbs that steroids are worth his time and will help him put on weight.
    read more and advise less.

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