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    Advice for my first cycle

    Hey guys,

    just after some advice from yas

    Im starting my first cycle on the juice and wondering what you think about this cycle i am suggesting.

    about me:

    age: 20
    weight: 65kgs
    Max bench : 70 kgs
    Body: skinny but lean

    i am thinking of doing the following each week for 10 weeks:

    250mgs Boldenone
    250mgs Test Enanthate
    250mgs Deca

    weekly for 10 weeks, then obviously a pct of nolva with vitamin E

    just wanna kno what yas think, appreciate your imput.


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    NO for many reasons.

    To young, your body is still growing and you will stop it. You are producing high test levels now and will shut them down.

    For a first cycle you should only run one compound, Test.

    More is not better especially for a first cycle.
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    dont like anything about this cycle

    do more research

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    to young. your natural test levels are peaking. diet diet diet is the key. keep training for a couple more years bro

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    Too many things wrong.

    1. Way too young. Give it 5-6 more years.
    2. Running too many compounds for a first cycle.
    3. Even if this was your 3rd or 4th cycle the doses are way too low to see much of anything especially the test and EQ.

    Dude, do yourself a big favor and just hang out, read and train hard for the next few years then rethink this whole cycle thing.

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    i agree with gunslinger2. give it a couple more years. for your first cycle you will want to run a simple cycle not complex. 1 compound such as a test cycle. leave it a couple of years, but diet is the key

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