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    Exclamation I have Gyno and need some help

    I was running a Cycle of Test-E for a total 16 weeks; I was running the dose at 500mg a week. After the cycle I took nolva 2 weeks after I took my last shot for a period of 4 weeks. Obviously the duration of PCT was not enough and I developed a pea sized lump underneath my left nipple. It has now been just over a week since I noticed the lump. I started taking Nolva - at 40 mg a day - as soon as I realized what was going on and that has seemed to stop the growth.

    I am wondering what I should do now ? Will this go away after a few months ? I don't know where to get things like Letero and am a little concerned I have screwed myself over. Thanks

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    You can look into the Gyno Reversal protocols they have posted here in the stickies. The Ar-r banner provides Letro.

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    I would get a bood test.

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    Same thing happened to me except it was 4 days after my last shot.

    Started taking nolva 40mg for the 1st 2weeks and 20mg for the next 4weeks.

    My pea size lump shrank and is still there.

    I have since did a cycle and used adex .25mg per day and did not get any sides on my last cycle.

    My lump stayed the same.

    Maybe try letro.
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