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Thread: good idea ?

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    good idea ?

    I just started my first cycle of Anadrol and test-C 1.5cc twice a week, i'm currently finishing week two,
    im going to be taking anadrol for a month and test for two months and was wondering when i finish my anadrol would it be a good idea to go on winstrol
    any advice would be great


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    If it's your first cycle you should keep it simple. Anadrol /test-c is enough imo.

    Cyp is a very long ester so you might wanna think about doing 12 weeks instead, gains usually is still be pretty good after 8 weeks also...

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    Test should be a minimum of 10 weeks. Drol is used for bulking and winnie is used for cutting i wouldn't go as far as calling it counterproductive but it depends on your goals. Winstrol also tends to cause a drying of the joints. While anadrol retains water in the joints and protecting them. Usually anadrol isn't recommended for a first cycle. How many mg of test per ml? You're also a couple years under the recomended age for beginning AAS and risking future issues like low natural testosterone production. Whats your knowledge of PCT and whats your planned PCT?

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    At 6' 179 you may want to fix your diet before you continue cycling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cobra305 View Post
    At 6' 179 you may want to fix your diet before you continue cycling.

    You have plenty of growth left. Re-asses your nutrition plan, steroids can wait.

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