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    finishing touches??? tstE/var

    Im 22, 195lbs and about 15% BF.

    This is my second cycle and I have a couple questions.

    Week 1 - 500mg Test E
    Week 2 - 500mg Test E
    Week 3 - 500mg Test E
    Week 4 - 500mg Test E
    Week 5 - 500mg Test E
    Week 6 - 500mg Test E
    Week 7 - 500mg Test E
    Week 8 - 500mg Test E
    Week 9 - 500mg Test E
    Week 10 - 500mg Test E
    Week 11 - 500mg Test E/ 40mg Anavar ED
    Week 12 - 500mg Test E/ 40mg Anavar ED
    Week 13 - 40mg Anavar ED
    Week 14 - 40mg Anavar ED
    Week 15 - PCT

    Weeks 15-16: Nolvadex - 40 mg ED
    Weeks 17-18: Nolvadex - 20 mg ED

    1. First off, how does all this look?

    2. Should I run 40 or 60mg of Anavar?

    3. I have a bottle of clomid, would I be able to use this in replacement of arimidex throughout the cycle?

    4. Since hair loss is a concern I have purchased minoxidil 5%... now on the package it says not to use it unless ur hairline is similar to the ones pictured on the box, but my hairline is not nearly as severe, would it still be ok to use it?

    thanks to everyone in advance, much appreciated

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    1-cycle looks good

    2-yes 60mgs of var would be better

    3-no clomd is not an ai and will do nothing for gyno or bloat

    4- not to sure on this

    5- your a little young but its upto you.

    6- add clomid into your pct- 100/50/50/25

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    Quote Originally Posted by suttie View Post
    6- add clomid into your pct- 100/50/50/25
    Please do!

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