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    Advice on ECA & Clen stack??

    Hi guys,

    Does anyone have any experience/advice with an ECA & Clen stack. Does it work well? Dosage?

    Ive used clen up to 100mcg and it worked well. Ive heard a lot of talk about ECA being better and amazing when used with clen. Ive never used ephedra before...

    I would say that I'm not very sensitive to stims, so ephedra should not be a problem for me to use.

    Any advice would be sick.


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    ECA AND Clen ? Recipe for hypertension and heart attack, man. I wouldn't advise it.

    Some people have done it but I dont know how well off they are internally now. Clen by itself is extremely stressful on the heart. I can see how it would burn more fat by targeting a multitude of different receptors on fat tissue, but at a high health price.

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    You might as well add a couple quad mochas and a couple red bulls in the mix. LOL

    Not a great idea. How about less stimulants and more cardio and diet?

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    Bad idea.

    ECA and Clen both work on the same receptors.

    Pick one, cycle off and then try the other one.

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    Yes I think it'll be way too much of an overload. The risk is not worth it.

    I think I'll definitely take one or the other, but not together lol.

    Thanks guys

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