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    Unhappy Help Someone !!! Estrogen too mutch

    Hello mi name is Marius and im from Romania :

    Age 23
    Height 1.75
    Weight 75 KG
    Bf% 17%
    Cycle history None
    Years training 10 years (wrestling judo) and 2 Y Gym

    I want to say that i not so glad what i just heard here from some medics i made all mi blood tests + the hormone Tests and here is the rezult :

    Hormone Test : Estradiol : 126 / 0-56 and is too high this is the problem !!!
    Testosterone : 682 / 245 - 1600
    TSH : 2.853 / 0.35 - 4.94
    Free T4 : 1.22 / 0.71 - 1.85
    Seric Cortisol : 23.5 / 4.2 - 38.4

    Those are the important things of the human hormons and the rest are just regular tests and they where all ok as well but the thing that bothers me so mutch and its keep me down is the estradiol this so calld Female hormon is holding up a lin barrier of fat from the uper leg up to the chest il put some photos asap.

    I want to say that atm im killing miself i dont eat at all almost and going to gym and come home. I still have i can say enof power and energi to train all the time but the fat is not going off is no rezult on it .... donno but someone told me that i need to take :

    Nolvadex / HCG / and atm im too confuse seriosly i just got Strombafort ( stanozolol ) and clenbuterol (dont use them yet w8 for some info if someone knows more i have read too mutch and now i want some more op) to get the fat off but i dont know what to do can someone explain or is there someone with an ideea? thanx alot and sry for mi bad english !!!
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    Stan you are more than likely prone to estrogen nothing to worry. Don't start taking Nolvadex or Hcg your test is fine or normal. Don't start the Winstrol either. If you want to burn the fat take the clenbuterol and some T3 for your thyroid which is making you hold more bodyfat. Get on the diet forum and get that in check. UB

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    So all is ok ? that over estradiol is no problem? i can take clenbuterol and it will be all fine? btw how mutch do u recomand to take im going to take 40 ug 1st W and after i rise 80 thne il lower again will it be ok? or is there a better mode to do it ?

    Ps: any more ideeas? it will help me alot thanx

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    Just get some help on your diet and exercise routine (more cardio) to lose the fat. maybe add in an ECA stack (caffeine, ephedrine, aspirine) or the clen you have. This will also bring that estradiol down, since the higher your bodyfat is, the more aromatase enzymes you will have (the aromatase enzyme is responsible for converting test to estrogen).

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