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    geting back into it

    hey their, just like to get a couple of views from u guys..

    i have been out of my gym routine for the past 12 months,, i have lost all my gains and turned into a stick man againn,, lol. over these past 12 months i have been partying and had a crap diet..

    i have now come to my senses and am planning on getting back into my fitness routine. i have bought my cycle and have it all prepared, but since i havent injected my self in over 12 months i am shttin bricks about doing it. i have taken sus dec dbols before.. i have just come back from my honey moon and bought back some CIDOTESTONE AND DECA from egypt.. to give my self a head start! i also got my nova and clomid PCT! i asked the man for sustanon 250 because i got good gains from it in the past, but instead he gave me cidotestone. is it good or better!

    thanks guys cheers hope 2 hear 4rm yu

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    you are not ready for a steroid cycle
    and please edit your post as there is no rec drug talk on here!

    the best thing for you to do is get your diet right and a proper training program for a few years. you will be able to gain alot fast with out steroids

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    Check back after another 12 months of hard natural working out and good clean diet.

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