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Thread: horrible bacne

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    horrible bacne

    man, im getting horrible bacne from this cycle. im on 600 mgs test e. for only a month.i used same gear before and didnt have any acne.what can i do toprevent this?

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    ok here is the deal. I can relate to you on this. I am currently fighting off a bad case of Chest acne. It's been going on for two months. It took Antibiotics to get them to subside. I tried for 5 weeks to battle it myslef with no results. Seeing your doctor is the quickest way to get rid of it. You can always try OTC stuff but realize it very well might not work and it will just prolong the acne you are having.

    Keep area clean as possible
    Don't wear shirts to sleep.
    Try to keep your back dry as possible or any other area you have acne.
    Sweat will likely make it worse.

    My advise see a doctor if you can't get it to start clearing up soon. btw I think most aas induced acne is considered "Inflammatory Acne" I'd look that up and see what preventative measures you can take to stop Inflammatory Acne,
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    Run a search on acne control..... there are a ton of threads that will help you out.

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