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    newbie, first post...q's about first cycle

    k so first stats....23yo, male, 5'7", 180lbs, 14%bf, weight training since 2004 consistently, managed to put on 35 lbs naturally over the objective is to get closer to 200lbs and single digit bf%. all of the advise for first cycles ive seen over the months ive been researching has been to use test only and maybe an ai or serm. my question is will that generic advise be good for my goals ? and if i dont want to pin everyday what is my best option ? sust 250 ?

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    Most will say wait till 25... But test E or test C are both good compounds for a first cycles...

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    Those are not bad of stats . If you think about , 35lbs over 3 years is 1lb/month .
    You are still growing and improving . A small tweak in diet and workout or cardio routine could put you over the top .
    This board recommends 25 years to start AAS .

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