I have 200ml of Tren here from my own production, and a one vial UGL that i would like tested.

i would like to have 1 vial of each tested. Im googling all over asia here to find a company but cant find anything.

with the dry tren kit, its more laborous but also more accurate in how much tren your product yields. and with the wet kit, simple solution breakdown, its not so accurate but a decent logical guess. it been eating at my thoughts what im getting here and what my regular UGL was giving me.

another well know board/forum hooked up with a service through someones friend, and they were testing and reporting any vials that anyone would donate. but seems they slowed down with that for some reason that they havent explained. they say they will start again soon.

im researching this so i can know what im producing and what im actually taking. it doesnt do me any good to not know what my numbers are.

if anyone has any ideas let me know please.