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    Blood work: can I self-arrange it?

    Can I dial up LabCorp and set my own appointment or will I need to go through a vendor (or doctor) to get my blood work done? I'm not trying to see a doctor right this moment, so I am interested in blood work only to check my levels. How much is too much to pay for setting up your own blood work? Thanks.

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    I don't have advice but last time I used a regular doctor and had to confess to them since they wouldn't let me get a blood test. Turned out to be a complete mess and had 3 physicians in the room telling me how I'm gonna die if I do steroids . I'll never ever go through a doctor like that again

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    If you live in the US you need a script in order to get blood work done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by themoreyouknow View Post
    If you live in the US you need a script in order to get blood work done.
    Plenty of places do self-ordered blood work.

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    im in so. ca. and we got labs around here to go direct . i chose what tests i wanted online and paid online and printed out their thing i needed to bring and brought it and they took my blood and sent me my results via e-mail and letter

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