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    To short pct/to long cycle

    I have finished my last cycle July 25/10.
    It was a big shit mix of things.
    I know I messed up my pct and my cycle but now I need help.
    I started with
    test enth 600mg a week
    EQ 600mg a week
    Deca 600mg a week.
    A-50 100mg a day for 4 weeks.
    Dropped the eq around week 10.
    Added Winnie for 6 weeks at 75mg a day
    added tren ace for six weeks at 100eod

    cycle ran around 4 months.
    I only had 4 weeks off the previous cycle before I hopped on this one

    I used nolvadex at 50mg a day till august 20.

    I am now on a travel/work holiday for a couple years.
    I'm now in Tonga with no boners or libido ( just got ingaged lastweek)
    I'm heading to NZ September 14 than Australia November 17.
    I'm not fishing for any suppliers.
    Just wondering what to do? If cialis or Viagra is hard to find in NZ? if I explained my situation to doctor in NZ if they prescribe anything? Any natural way to help.
    I greatly appricate any suggestions or help!
    Thank you a lot.

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    You have really ****ed this one up m8

    You need to get your bloodwork done to see where you stand

    You will also need to run another PCT as your last one was useless

    I would say you are severley shut down ATM, im no expert with PCT but all i can say is your going to need Nolvadex and Clomid ASAP

    It may be worth speaking to one of the VET's

    Post up on Swifto's wall and ask for some advice

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