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    Question Flu feeling after Sustanon injections - common?

    Hi guys, yeah just wanted a bit of advise here. I'm finding after my weekly Sustanon 250 injections of 500mg/week, shot once per week that the day after pinning I am feeling like I've got the flu coming on but this feeling then soon goes the following day.

    Is this quite a common thing and to do with change in hormones etc?

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    if u ask u r fishing (%

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    If you are in your first week or two it could just be test flu. However, sense you are running Sust and only injecting it once a week then it wouldnt suprise me if your body is reacting to the blood levels being all over the place.

    Sust is a multi compound Test, it needs to me injected more often that once a week.

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    I shot sustanon 250 500mg/wk, 250mg twice a week. Each time I felt like I had mild flu like symptoms. When I shoot at night and go to bed I felt fine in the morning. It's normal. You'll get used to it.

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